Intermol 328

Water-based release agent for rigid and semi-rigid polyurethane foams.

Intermol 328 is a water-based external release agent for polyurethane foam systems compatible with different types of foam: semi-rigid and rigid.

It provides an excellent demolding effect and excellent finishes on the final surface of the foam.



Type: Mold Release Agent
Color: White


Specific Gravity: 1.0
Base: Water
Shelf Life: 12 months
Temperature Range: 30°C to 260°C

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It can be used universally in different foaming systems.

Functional over a wide temperature range.

Excellent demolding effect.

Dry PU surface with open pore.

Excellent foam surface finishes.


The surface where the release agent will interact must be previously cleaned. A thin and uniform film is applied by means of an appropriate atomizing equipment. The amount to be applied on the mold will automatically depend on the size of the mold area.

It is recommended to cure the mold by applying release agent 3 times before making the first piece.

Do not apply in excess. Excess release agent does not improve the release effect, on the contrary, it can affect the quality of the part.


Keep the container perfectly sealed to avoid evaporation and/or contamination.

VERY IMPORTANT: Shake before use and steadily.


Water-based mold release agent for rigid, semi-rigid and flexible polyurethane foams.

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