Intermol 705

Semi-permanent mold release agent for the manufacture of pressed parts made of vinyl foam (EVA) and other elastomers.

Intermol 705 is a semi-permanent water-based mold release agent that cures and reticulates on the mold surface, forming a very stable and resistant film (up to 240°C).



Type: Mold Release Agent
Color: White


Specific Gravity: 1.0
Base: Water
Shelf Life: 12 months
Temperature Range: 80°C to 240°C


Compatible with painting processes.

Low residue.

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Intermol 705 is a release agent specially designed for release within the manufacture of pressed parts made of vinyl foam (EVA) and other elastomers.

It does not form residues.

There is no transfer of release agent to the surface of the molded part.

The demoulded surface is free of marks, residues or imperfections that affect the visual attributes of the manufactured part.


Before applying Intermol 705 on the mold surface it must be carefully cleaned to ensure proper product adhesion.

Intermol 705 can be applied:
a) with preheated mold over 70°C.
b) with mold at process temperature.
It is recommended to cure the mold by applying release agent 3 times before making the first piece.

Do not apply in excess. Excess release agent does not improve the release effect, on the contrary, it can deform the piece.


Avoid contact with moisture or water during product use and storage. This can affect the efficiency of the product.


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