Intermol M-110

Mold release agent for fiberglass, carbon fiber and composites.

Intermol M 110 is a ready-to-use release agent with a semi-permanent effect that cures and cross-links the mold surface, forming a very stable and resistant film.

Intermol M 110 does not transfer to the demoulded surface and therefore does not affect subsequent processes such as gluing, painting, varnishing, etc.



Type: Mold Release Agent
Color: Semi-translucent


Specific Gravity: 0.7
Base: Solvent
Shelf Life: 10 months
Temperature Range: 20°C to 190°C


Thermosetting resins.

May contain particles.

Compatible with painting processes.

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Mold release agent specially designed for the release of pieces of reinforced compounds based on thermosetting resin systems such as type, polyester, epoxy, phenolic, melamine, etc.

Tests in laboratory and with customers have resulted in excellent performance.


Shake before use.

1. Before applying for the first time to the surface of the mold, it must be totally clean to guarantee the correct adhesion of the product.

2. . Apply at room temperature or with hot mold with a spray system or with a cloth.

3. 4 to 6 coats should be applied evenly to allow the release film to form. Can be finished by hand polishing the mold to remove any excess release agent and increase the gloss of the part.

4. Reapply only one coat of release agent in subsequent cycles and when parts tend to stick to the mold.


Avoid contact with moisture or water during product use and storage. This can affect the efficiency of the product.

Do not store in sunlight and temperatures above 40°C.

Keep the container closed if the product is not used.

Always use clean rags for the application of the material.

Do not mix with any type of solvent.

Cover the product once it has been used, this will avoid contamination and evaporation of the product.


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Fiberglass release agent Intermol M110.

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